Hardware construction

The task of our hardware planners / e-planners is basically to create the electronic schematic diagrams
for the automation systems of our clients. To do this, we use modern CAE technology, such as EPLAN and comparable systems.

The results of hardware construction include wiring diagrams, cable plans, terminal diagrams, BOMs and item lists, panel mounting designs and fixtures. It goes without saying that we take into account all electrotechnical standards and regulations as well as any customer-specific standards when creating the plans.

The automatic generation of circuit diagrams with the help of tools, which we have successfully used in various projects, is gaining increasingly in significance. The quantification of safety functions on our systems is also in the remit of our hardware designers and is carried out using “Sistema” software, among others.

Many years of industry experience makes us a competent and reliable partner in the field of hardware construction, when it comes to planning and designing your special construction and development tasks.